Chronology of Saudi Arabia


A.D. 570   The birth of Prophet Mohammed in Makkah.

610  Islam is born when Prophet Mohammed sees a vision from God.

622  Prophet Mohammed flees Makkah and travels to Madinah. The Flight is known  as”the Hejirah.” The Muslim calendar begins on that date.

632  The death of Prophet Mohammed.

650  The Koran is written, based on the word of God as told to Mohammed.

1446  The first of Sultana’s ancestors settles in Dar’iyah (old Riyadh).

1744  The warrior, Mohammed Al Sa’ud, and the teacher, Mohammed Al Wahhab, join forces.

1806  After years of desert fighting, most of Arabia is united under the authority of the Al Sa’ud and Al Wahhab families.

1876  The founder of the modern state of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz ibn Sa’ud, is born.

1887  Rivals of the Al Sa’ud clan, the Rasheeds, capture the city of Riyadh.

1891-1901  The Al Sa’ud clan wander in the desert and finally go into exile into Kuwait.

1902  Abdul Aziz ibn Sa’ud and his men capture Riyadh from the Rasheed clan.

1932    The famed warrior Abdul Aziz ibn Sa’ud successfully unites most of Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia becomes the twelfth largest country in the world.

1933  The United States wins the concession to search for oil in the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

1938  Oil is discovered in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

1946  Oil production soars to 60 million barrels a year.

1948  Prince Faisal leads the Arabic delegation against the Jewish delegation in their efforts to declare Israel a state. The State of Israel is established. An embittered Arab delegation vows to defeat the Jews in war.

1948  The first Arab-Israeli war begins. The Israelis defeat the Arabs.

1953  King Abdul Aziz ibn Sa’ud dies, his eldest son, Sa’ud, becomes king. Faisal is named crown prince.

1962  Slavery is officially abolished in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but unofficially still exists.

1963  Despite religious protests, the first school for girls opens in Saudi Arabia.

1964  King Sa’ud abdicates and leaves the kingdom. Crown Prince Faisal becomes the third king of Saudi Arabia. Khalid is declared the new crown prince.

1967  The Six-Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbors begins. The Arabs are defeated.

1969  Deposed ex-King Sa’ud dies in Greece.

1973  The October 1973 war begins. Israel comes close to defeat, but rallies at the end and expels the Arab armies.

1973 Due to the latest of the Arab-Israeli wars, King Faisal calls for an oil embargo against Western countries.

1975 King Faisal is assassinated by a nephew.

1975 At Faisal's death, King Khalid is declared king. Fahd is named the new crown prince.

1977 King Khalid issues a government decree that forbids women to travel outside their homes unless escorted by a male member of her immediate family. A second decree forbids women to travel abroad to study unless accompanied by a male member of her immediate family.

1982 King Khalid dies of a heart attack. Fahd is declared king. Abdullah is named crown prince.

1990 Iraq invades Kuwait. Saudi Arabia allows foreign troops inside the kingdom.

1991 Saudi Arabia joins with Western and Arab allies to fight Iraq. The war is won and foreign troops depart the kingdom.

1992 Religious authorities impose harsh restrictions on the female population of Saudi Arabia.

1993 Groups spring up in Saudi Arabia to protest violations of human rights. The government forcefully disbands the groups, arresting some members.

1993 The Israelis and Palestinians sign a long-awaited peace accord. The Saudi Government speaks of peace with Israel.

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